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  1. Woman Words

    Woman Words

    "it's too deep" "I just came all over you big black dick" More please!!!
  2. freeconcept2


    Last year in Meridian Hotel I saw a white girl telling to a black man who works in the hotel some racist words. I was so angry but I didn't react. I plan to seduce her for giving her a good lesson. Next day, I was installing a wireless computer network in the hotel in the morning I was in the...
  3. freeconcept

    About myself :)

    Hi there ! I'm new here. What I should say about myself? I'm a black african guy that is fantasizing about white girls and indians since I was young. I still love pleasing white girls passing fun time. I'm tall, 1.96 m (6.43f). My hands, my feet and I think my cock :) are proportional to my...