About myself :)

Hi there !
I'm new here.

What I should say about myself? I'm a black african guy that is fantasizing about white girls and indians since I was young. I still love pleasing white girls passing fun time.

I'm tall, 1.96 m (6.43f). My hands, my feet and I think my cock :) are proportional to my height.

To years ago I passed 3 months with a cute girlfriend from Paris. She was in my country to work in a project for bringing solar computers for children in a small village. We meet there as I was the computer guy they take to install network.

We felt we was attracted together so she came sometimes to my room and we passed 3 months enjoying interracial hot sex.

The first night we had sex she had fear and told me to go very slow. It was her first interracial sex. I tried to take care and be gentle. She was really tight around my dick. Step by step I was going faster, harder and deeper. The first time I see a girl reaching deep vaginal orgasm. Amazing. She was wondering how I can cum and stay hard without losing my erection :). I was thinking it usual for every guys. I fucked her and cum up to 4 times. Here I know many guys are so.

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We passed 3 months to enjoy it in our rooms, outdor in the wood, on a mango tree behind the village.

After this nice experience, having sex with a white girl become my favorite.

If you plan to visit or travel trought Senegal, just hit me up, I will enjoy to welcome you :)
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OMG that french girl is never going have sex withe a withe French guy anymore.
I hope you can helping many wifes/couples withe there trip in Senegal.
i'm the opposite of you, I fantasize that my wife fucks with black men right before my eyes . This fantasy is delicious.
Yeah it happened one time. A spanish couple, both wife and husband are doctors. They was here in Senegal for free health care, surgery and free pharmaceuticals. I was introduced to them to fix their computer problems when they need.
One day they invite me for diner and that night she teased me in front of her husband. I quick understood they was about to cuckold ;) . I played the game and finished by fucking her as they want. So rough that I broke the condom :)