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  1. southernytboi

    white bois can’t help it

    he just needed a nut and i’m happy to serve
  2. southernytboi

    bi white guy loves bbc / wish i was cuck

    this is the only website where i feel like my kink is accepted…. wish i could find a real man that would wear me out. will probably have to keep checking grindr 😂 if anyone seeing similar arrangements has had luck here or anywhere else please let this hungry white boy know
  3. B

    Pale white girl for bbc plus more.. new to the site

    I must of married the smallest micro penis in the country..... Now that he understands his little weiner is not going to even come close filling me and that he is only for cleaning me and my cock of choice after we both cum. He has been bi since way before we married , but never admitted until...
  4. WantBiggestBBC

    Los Angeles Based Host

    Looking for BBC. Big booty Latino here. Deepthroat enthusiast. I live in the SFV area by CSUN. Looking for a challenge!
  5. C

    White "men" should be feminized, castrated

    I want to be an African bull sperm receptical. I wish I had been saved from my own pathetic attempts at sex with women. Yes I have always been told my cunilingus skills were exceptional, they had to be as I preferred sniffing her panties and wanking off. Of course I shot on penetration every...