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  2. Kull711

    Appreciating the hot wives

    I would like to give a big shoutout to all the real & sexy hot wives that keep it real , honest and meet people on a daily basis and I sure would love to meet some of you in person someone once I'm able to travel ;)
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    Wife for BBC

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    Hello guys ! Would love to show my wife some tribute from all of you to show her love ! Or maybe some captions too
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    What's it about cum tribute?

    Hi, ladies and gentlemen! There's something that I might be the only one to not seem to understand and sometimes bothered: cum tribute. What is it about it to the point that some make profile to only have that and for other it's even a condition to become friend with. Help me understand...
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    Tributes to BBC?

    I've seen hundreds of pictures of guys cumming on pics of hot ladies or otherwise having their bbc next to a pic of a hot lady. Does the reverse exist? i.e. pictures of girls playing with themselves while looking at a pic of a guy's (eg from this site) bbc? Is this a thing?