1. C

    Help with picking the right 'first' dildo?!

    Okay all, This is my first thread posting in the forums, so go easy on me... just needing some advice/suggestions. I want to get my wife her first black dildo, but I want it to be a stepping stone (i.e. Start on the smaller side, while still bigger than me.) For frame of reference: I'm all...
  2. Meganlomania

    Best Black Suction Dildo?

    Hey ladies, I'm looking to expand my toy collection and want to get a suction dildo for the shower. I want something lifelike, about 8-9 inches long, 5-6 inches around. Any recommendations?
  3. Her first intro

    Her first intro

    Her first intro
  4. stablo254

    hot and horny blonde

    my mates hot and horny girlfriend