1. I'm a Little Obsessed with this new top

    I'm a Little Obsessed with this new top

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  4. LatinBrownBull

    Question for Bi/Pan Bulls

    Top or switch bulls?
  5. mywayintermsofsex

    Male members: Which position makes you cum easiest?

    Hey guys, what's the position you cum easiest from? Please, if you take part in the poll, also answer to the thread the following question: Do you consider yourself more of a Dom, a sub or something inbetween? Thank you. Of course you are also welcome to suggest another different position or...
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    Daddy Be Da Woof
  7. Just-received.jpeg


    Love it!
  8. Mic Check

    Mic Check

    This bitch still wanna pop up unannounced. Luckily for her I was home alone & I wouldn't mind receiving some good brain from her
  9. A niece & auntie Blow about 2 years Ago!

    A niece & auntie Blow about 2 years Ago!

    While visiting Myrtle Beach 2 years ago, I met this beautiful Snow Bunny chillin' with her friends. After spending the day together, I took her home. Met her aunt & next thing I know, she wanted to watch me face fuck her aunt after face fucking FYI, auntie got false teeth, so you know why I nutted!
  10. Catches Hot GF Fucking Black Man Again.mp4

    Catches Hot GF Fucking Black Man Again.mp4

  11. KSBicouple

    Bi couple in Kansas

    Bi couple looking for a bi top BBC in Kansas, around the Topeka area. Please be laid back, looking for a regular thing.
  12. bigchubybttm559

    Hello all

    Hi I am new here. I am a 100% total gay chubby sissy bottom. I'm here looking for straight black men. I do not like gay men. I've met to many gay "tops" who are actually bottoms or sissy themselves. They want to suck dick or have me fuck them??? I'm like your suppose to be the man? Lol. I've had...
  13. Big Tits

    Big Tits

    Who want's his cock between this boobs?