1. Thickness


  2. Blackfrench

    The size for vaginal orgasm

    Ladies which size is good for you to give you a vaginal orgasm? Let me know if the thickness is more appreciated than the length to have the big Vaginal O ? Or your big Vaginal O has to be with to push on the post fornix ?
  3. Pussy peeking out

    Pussy peeking out

  4. T Fonder

    Heading to Houston TX, need a dominant Master/Daddy Bull BBC for fun

    Any fun daddy's want to have freaky sessions with sexy TS and GF while in Houston over the weekend?
  5. AvgCouple09

    What Size???

    Hey ladies, what do you consider a BIG COCK??? For me it's 9 to 10 inches..........10 to 11 is HUGE to me..........and above 11 is GIANT!!! What size do you prefer? What size do you want to try? I want 9 to 10 on a regular basis..............AND want to throw in a 10 or more every once in...