1. C

    Couple looking for BBC

    Couple here looking for bbc to play with on Snap when the bf is being cuckold. He just watch us texting and trade and get Dirty
  2. mixedcouple85

    Any whiteboy cucks in Sweden

    Hotwife looking for whiteboy cuck or wannabe cuck to watch and worship me when i suck and fuck my bbc black man. Bonus if you have a small cock or wear a cage but all looser whiteboys are welcome. We are located in Malmö, come and serve the NBWO looser.
  3. BBC4Stockholm

    The Swedish megathread

    Hej på er alla! Det finns hur många som helst fragmenterade trådar av människor i livsstilen vilket gör det svårt för alla, särskilt nyare medlemmar att hitta andra i samma stad eller nära. Så jag tänkte att jag skulle göra en stor tråd av alla i Sverige. Hur det skulle fungera helt enkelt är...
  4. 🥵did you cum this morning or do you need my help?

    🥵did you cum this morning or do you need my help?

  5. D

    Middle East Bull looking for European Slut

    Hi, i am experienced Dominant Bull from Middle east who lives in Central Europe. I am 186, muscular, dark skin but not fully black with 20 cm size,I travel a lot to Nordic Countries (Sweden,Norway,Poland,Finland). I am experienced in dominating beta couples, shibari etc. If you want to be...
  6. D


    Hi, i am Muslim guy from Middle east who is looking for Christian Women or couples from Europe who is into Cuckolding (Preferred from Sweden,Norway,Poland,Germany) who has craving for Dominant Muslim Men. I am experienced in Cuckolding and Domination. I am tall, dark skin with muscular...
  7. my cock

    my cock

  8. IMG_3657-w.jpg


  9. S

    Hot Swedish wife looking for Bulls in Sweden

  10. Getting ready ❄️🐰

    Getting ready ❄️🐰

  11. Getting ready ❄️🐰

    Getting ready ❄️🐰

  12. B7367DAE-8365-4FEA-A657-331DC8249A66.jpeg


    Good morning 😘
  13. Team Snowbunny ❄️🐰

    Team Snowbunny ❄️🐰

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    Cozy time
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  16. Me


  17. MrSthlm

    Any Swedish queens here?

    Hey everybody.. I hope u could find a woman here in Sweden to get to know.. I praying that you are here 🫣 hit me up and let's talk a little 😊
  18. heartman

    Male looking wife’s who need sex

    I am a male Looking for female/couples in Skane Sweden for sex.
  19. IMG_8682.jpeg