1. mywayintermsofsex

    Short Survey For The Hotwifing "Bulls"

    For "Bulls" only: What statement would describe you best? (Multiple choices are possible.) == Begin of Survey == I love fucking another man's wife simply because it means getting some pussy for free. [true/false] I love fucking another man's wife because I want to give her the pleasure...
  2. LondonSub

    Best chastity device survey - Vote your favorite

    Vote here for the chastity device that you would recommend for long term comfort.
  3. A

    Cuxkold/hotwife survey

    Hello all! my name is Jennifer and I am currently working on a documentary named "Swinging in the U.S." scheduled to be released late 2016. It aims to shed light on the positive aspects of modern swinger, cuckold/hotwife, and poly relationships. We are currently looking for couples active in a...