1. Bbc4matureMd


    It’s really simple, if you like hard black dick & like to see load of sticky hot cum then message me! Male or female! See that wasn’t so hard !!
  2. 20190422_152015.jpg


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  3. Such a good Goddess.jpg

    Such a good Goddess.jpg

  4. brunette wife takes on a big black cock

    brunette wife takes on a big black cock

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  5. Tied to the door

    Tied to the door

    She was a bad girl - and she enjoyed every minute of it.
  6. Bbc4Whites

    Interracial progression

    For years I’ve I’be been teaching my white women something I call interracial progression. The idea of using your white privilege for the betterment of blacks. I’ve found this to be a very rewarding experience with them all and would like to teach a submissive white male next. What have you...
  7. DosUnoDosYoe

    Washington, DC — Sub BBC seeking training by domme/mistress (or dominant female)

    Hi. I’ve been curious and very eager to be trained by an experiienced domme/mistress to be an obedient sub and/or bull. I’ve watched from afar for about 3-4 years now and would love to dive right in—I don’t wanna take things slow. Ass/pussy/foot worship, spanking—I will explain more thru...
  8. SubHotwifeAms

    Sub hotwife couple looking for...

    .... dominant bbc bull to fuck the shit out of hotwife for husband. We're a young, successful couple living in Amsterdam. We're just getting started experimenting with the hotwife lifestyle. Looking for clean, dominant bulls. Not interested in 'dates' and small talk, just in good hard sex. All...
  9. DosUnoDosYoe


    I'm looking to serve a dominant woman (no couples) or women. Serving a room is ideal. Pussy, ass, and/or foot worship with a lot of fucking. Wear me out. Put my cock and mouth to good use. Hit me up.
  10. DosUnoDosYoe


    Hey, I'm kind of new (had an account, forgot the password, made a new one) to this site. Just introducing myself. I've been learning about BDSM and to be quite honest, I'm loving the idea of being a sub/slave to an older white female. Preferably, 2-3 at a time. Being dominated and used for...
  11. D

    Single white man in need

    Recently divorced older white man in Dallas needs what we all need. Been into Black to white for years, love B&D, CBT & being domed. Sexy chats let me at lease get some release.
  12. Hotwifesub


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  13. Fleo & Bouncy Sub

    Fleo & Bouncy Sub

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  14. N

    Dmv visitor

    Visiting dmv area this weekend.. bbc bulls hit me up ;)
  15. SuziesHusband

    The Beautiful side of Cuckolding

    I have true story for you, one that touches upon a few different cuckold themes. My Wife had met a very sexy Black Man through one of her Girlfriends, they had an instant attraction and quietly exchanged contact information, because he was already sleeping with her Girlfriend and she is very...
  16. Bullpaki

    Muslim Bi-Sub Couples

    Hi everyone. I am just curious as i have a few bi-sub muslim couples here in my country a few of which i have been dating. I being there bull and trust me it is rising. How is it western countries? Have any of you met bi or bi-sub muslim couples? Regards
  17. White sub wife gets spanked by her black lover

    White sub wife gets spanked by her black lover

  18. Young sexy clean fresh girl

    Young sexy clean fresh girl

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  19. Ray Ray

    Hampton Roads area SUB wanted

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