1. Latin Bull

    Latin Bull

    When you visit Mexico City, you have single bul. Cuckold.l
  2. S

    Does cheating with a significantly bigger or more enduring cock than spouse's count as cheating?

    Hi everyone, Does it? Does cheating with a significantly bigger or more enduring cock than spouse's count as cheating? I don't mean that if it wasn't then the woman should necessarily be open about it. But is it or is it not of lesser guilt when the one the woman cheats with has much more...
  3. Stroke stroke stroke.mp4

    Stroke stroke stroke.mp4

  4. 2018-10-04_04-25-46.jpg


  5. W

    BBC that won’t quit Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    New to the site, but I’ve been in the area for a while! Recently injured and lost a lot of function in my right leg. However, my cock just won’t quit now, and I figure I might put it to good use fucking the brains out of someone’s hot wife or a sexy little pawg! I’d love to hear from some of y’all!
  6. mywayintermsofsex

    The Importance Of The "BBC" In The Hotwife-Cuckold-Lifestyle (personal note)

    Within the adult lifestyle in question (see title) it is well understood that in this context "BBC" is used as abbreviation for Big Black Cock. In this post i will raise the question of the importance of the BBC as a trait for the third (i.e. additional) player, taking its meaning literally...
  7. B

    Young Black Man with NFL Stats. Looking to Bull in NYC.

    I've been interested in doing this for a while. There are all sorts of BDSM clubs and such around but I've not been able to find my way into the Cuck & Bull scene. I'm 6'7, 240lbs, in my mid 20s with clean styled dreadlocks. Currently packing on more muscle until I start cutting for the...
  8. Rashaad

    Any couples or ladies in Middle Tn/Nashville area?

    If interested just check my info and inbox me with your info or kik info....we can see interests and wants and see if we are compatible to meet in the future.
  9. young bbc available

    young bbc available

    Horny and looking in California
  10. W

    Hey Ladies ..Hit me up for the wicked banana experience ;)

    Sexy ladies :)... say hello ! ..maybe one day we can connect ! 6' 178lbs, Str8 , handsome chocolate guy here! say hello... here or at ************** . Cheers, Wicked -