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  1. N

    Small cock for You to humiliate

    Greetings from slovenian small cock slave who loves to be humiliated so i beg You to leave reply about my cock
  2. Tjoochhej

    Young white man looking for a dominant woman

    19 years old European man (Serbian&Swedish) who is into mature women and couples of all different colors. I'm into both getting humiliated and humiliating others as well as dominate and being dominated by females and couples. I might not be the average white guy on this site when I'm packing...
  3. S

    Any bbc lovers (women) and bbc's wanna skype?

    I am a white sub and would love to compare dicks, see the woman get more sexual with the superior, and be playfully or seriously mean to me and my cock :)
  4. S

    My inferior white cock

    Can bbc lovers please give reactions and opinions? Say what they would want to do with it?
  5. mywayintermsofsex

    Reblog if...

    Does anyone dare to post this on another site (Twitter, FB, vk, Instagram, tumblr, etc.)? If so, show us by posting a link to it! ;)
  6. djchillcat

    seeking cuckoldress

    im dj im 22 i want to be trained to become cuckold im single i want a woman who will humiliate me my kik is dj.chillcat hit me up on there for my phone number if you want i will purchase a chasity belt and give my cuckoldress money each time i get payed i want pics and videos of her with bbc's...
  7. M

    Penis Shrinkage

    caused by chastity or Chronic Masturbation Yeah. Anybody have heard of that? If you, a white male, have more than 3-4 inches there is a nice solution for that "problem" lol. http://www.dreamloverlabs.com/blog-viewtopic.php?id=134
  8. T

    My new bull compared to my hubby

    Here are a couple of recent pictures, the one on the left is my new bull and the one on the right is my hubby, I tried to get both pictures about the same size so it shows how much bigger my new bull is than my husband.
  9. H

    Los Angeles based attentive wannabe Cuck looking for friends

    Hi everyone. Looking to make friends and potentially find a woman to date who loves this lifestyle. Also open to serving a couple who don't have a cuckold in the mix but would like an attentive and submissive friend. A few things about myself: 1. As you might have guessed I have a tiny cock...
  10. M

    Asian Boyfriend & White Girlfriend

    Hello :) I want to show off my 22 years old cute girlfriend (I'm 27) We are from Brazil and I never tried cuckold before. She doesn't know yet and I'm really desperate to make it work someday... Also.. she's not into black guys... so I need some advices! I mentioned once I wanted to buy a...