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    21m bisexual tiny cock

    Hiii everyone!! I'm a bisexual male with a tiny cock looking to chat with people and make some friends. I am from PA I really enjoy being humiliated and pleasing others! Ive been into bbc for a while now and love sucking them off. Feel free to hit me up!
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    Me vs Ex's Big Black Dildo

    So when my ex-GF left me for her current Baby Daddy she left her favorite BBC dildo. Heres a comparison pic which do you think she preferred? Feel free to add you own comp pics and laugh at my inferior dicklette
  4. Humiliating my cuck boyfriend and playing with his cage with my feet after getting creampied

    Humiliating my cuck boyfriend and playing with his cage with my feet after getting creampied

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    M 26 Cuck wannabe, small penis fantastic

    I’ve been in my own imagination of life before the end of highschool. From 18-24 sph took over the porn scene for myself, then cucking came 2nd. Here’s some pictures, I’ve been trying get this dream live for myself…This ging cock deserves the degrading
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    Hi, I hope its ok to post here in english. I am a 28M cuckold wannabe that is seeking cuckoldress in Frankfurt area. I am looking for a girl that is interested in chatting online, and then if we click we can proceed to meeting in person. I am open to both relationship or casual. Lets see. Apart...
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    Specific type of SPH porn

    Can anyone recommend a specific type of SPH porn videos where woman forces you to repeat things like "I have a small cock", "my cock is useless" etc?
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    What would you choose? I want you to imagine I just had sex with another man. We had intense sex. I'm all sweaty, and the smell of his cock and his cum is all over my body. He came a lot on my ass cheeks. It's so thick and sticky. Would you clean it for me, or wear a chastity cage for a month?
  9. BBC SPH Cuckolding Teaser

    BBC SPH Cuckolding Teaser

  10. I cucked my bf so hard, then pegged him and made him cum in his cage 😈

    I cucked my bf so hard, then pegged him and made him cum in his cage 😈

  11. L


    Hello, I’m from Lithuania, I have a mid/small cock (11cm/4 in), and I’m looking into chat with someone here! <3
  12. Asian wife wants to be impregnated by BBC bull

    Asian wife wants to be impregnated by BBC bull

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    Wife teasing me
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    How to properly humiliate your cuck

    So I need ideas on how to humiliate my husband while I get fucked by his best friend. We've played with him before but not with the humiiation stuff. Cuck hubby now has a cage and has expressed his interest in being humiliated. What do you say or do to really get that little penis of his...
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    Adulterous passion.mp4

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    11 inch alpha cock

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    How do I make my gf be more mean to me?

    Showing some progress, she's doing a lot of SPH, calls my dick a little pencil, sings me short dick man during it, called me a faggot twice. But that's only during SPH sessions, afterwards she tells me she's just doing it in order to please me and that my dick is ok size (it's really not, she's...
  19. Breed me

    Breed me

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    Cuck kiss

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