sperm donor

  1. Real Pearl Necklace 🥛😈

    Real Pearl Necklace 🥛😈

  2. Cream Dream 😴🧁🥛

    Cream Dream 😴🧁🥛

  3. Loaded Toes 🥛🧁😈

    Loaded Toes 🥛🧁😈

  4. Load Cakes 🧁🥛

    Load Cakes 🧁🥛

  5. Creamed Cheeks 🍩

    Creamed Cheeks 🍩

  6. Cleanliness is #1 🧼 🚿

    Cleanliness is #1 🧼 🚿

  7. Frosted Caramel ♠️🥛

    Frosted Caramel ♠️🥛

  8. Ready for me?

    Ready for me?

    Just having fun with my toys
  9. wellhungblack

    Boston, Massachusetts Sperm Donor/breeder for Single or Partnered Woman

    I'm looking to help provide a woman with a baby. I'm 6'1, 240 lbs intelligent, handsome, empathetic, and motivated. I'm seeking a woman who would love to bring a baby into the world alone or with their significant other. This can go on until you are bred or even longer if you enjoy playing...
  10. wellhungblack

    Boston area/Massachusetts looking for woman or couple

    I love to please, dominate, and worship a woman or couple. Nothing turns me on more than a woman moaning and grabbing my head and pushing it down like I’m her toy while I lick, suck, rub, and finger her pussy and clit. I’m looking for a woman that would enjoy variety and roleplaying ranging from...
  11. Beefy Boston Daddy

    Beefy Boston Daddy

    Post cumshot pic of me
  12. Milk Maiden Strikes AGAIN.jpg

    Milk Maiden Strikes AGAIN.jpg

    Clean up on Aisle 5!!! She had me at hello...and the rest was a thorough, vigorous slalom between those lovely thighs
  13. kingbreed77

    Bbc sperm donor in LA - seeking asian woman to breed

    Greetings 2022 Black dom here / sperm donor based in LOS ANGELES - im a interracial sex lover- ive been in the lifestyle for over 10 yrs - i have a huge sex drive and creampie fetish / - im looking for asian women to breed - no strings attached breeding , plus sex while preggo serious...
  14. kingbreed77

    34 m black cock full of sperm ready to breed hot wives out west CA , NV , TX , AZ , WA

    Traveling Black cock sperm donor Std free Clean Chikl down to earth professional & kinkster Looking for clean std free hot wives to breed based in following areas LOS ANGELES / san diego , norcal LAS VEGAS Arizona dallas & houston Seattle Ladies must enjoy being used as a cum dump &...
  15. bbw wants to sleep with a couple hung black men!

    bbw wants to sleep with a couple hung black men!

    wife wants black sperm for impregnation no strings attached !
  16. married bbw wants gangbang !

    married bbw wants gangbang !

    im seeking a few black bulls to use me as a cumdump at motel !
  17. kingbreed77

    Black man in socal seeking women to breed 2021

    Happy new yr Do you have a breeding fantasy ? Are u a hot wife or hot wife couple thar are serious about breeding an interracial baby ? Are u seeking a sperm donor ? Let me introduce myself My names eli Ive been in the lifestyle for a while Im a creampie lover with breeding fetish &...
  18. kingbreed77

    Socal sperm donor seeking hot wife to breed out west SOCAL / LAS VEGAS / SEATTLE / ARIZONA

    Hey im eli professional by day -but i have a love for breeding - I have a huge breeding & pregnancy sex fetish Seeking a hot wife to breed must based out west Im based in socal / la But i visit Las vegas Arizona Or Seattle often Im Looking for a complete slut / unicorm / exhibitionist...
  19. kingbreed77

    Sperm donor in socal looking for hot wife too breed

    Any hot wife or cuckold couple based in La need a sperm donor ? 34 master / slut trainer Seeking a hot wife or hwc that can host - i want to have a long term sexual relationship and possibly breed you I love sex with pregnant women as well So if i breed u - will fuck u throughout your...
  20. Ian Cook

    Breed my gf? Genuine offer by both of us!