1. That's why white women are addicted to BBC! (26).mp4

    That's why white women are addicted to BBC! (26).mp4

  2. Use me as your toy

    Use me as your toy

  3. Tear of my thong

    Tear of my thong

  4. Bathroom floor

    Bathroom floor



    She took care of me fasho!!! The way her soft soles gripped my dick. I held off from busting for about an hour as we enjoyed each other… her stroking my dick with two hands just felt amazing.
  6. Daddy’s Girl

    Daddy’s Girl

  7. Pussy + Ass + Feet

    Pussy + Ass + Feet

    **had to grab permission from the lady involved; re-upload** You ever had one that you just miss constantly? This is my white rhino 😭
  8. Your favourite porn category.

    Your favourite porn category.

    @RussianQoSReal: Faster.....FUCK ME, FUCK ME!
  9. T

    Cuck me to my wife's feet.

    Any feet lovers or just anyone wanna chat about my feet fantasies I have about my wife?
  10. B

    Soles or toes??

    For all the black bulls here who like feet, what do you prefer? Toes with painted toenails? Or wrinkled soles? Hot wives show us your nice feet from above and below to settle this argument 😉
  11. B

    Why i love white feet

    Feet are an essential part of our bodies but sadly they often get neglected by both ourselves and others. I love to lick and kiss the sexy toes of all my white sluts, it makes me horny when they feel my warm breath and soft lips against their beautiful toes, I have so much fun with them. When...
  12. X

    Central Valley cpl

    New to Central Valley kinky Couple looking message :)
  13. DSCF1023.jpg


    My wife's pussy and feet.
  14. DSCF3907.jpg


    Maria's pussy and feet
  15. Fucktoy.jpg


    I'm just a toy to use, break and throw away
  16. Leave’m runny

    Leave’m runny

  17. .....


    First time with a black man, first time hotel meeting, first time in front of a camera, first time fucking someone else than my husband. Sweet memories
  18. B

    White footslut needs BBC / Captions / Fakes

    My GF is 18 y.o. and she needs to go black. She loves footjobs. Fake, caption or tribute her.
  19. Soft soles and ass

    Soft soles and ass

  20. Sexy Soles.jpg

    Sexy Soles.jpg

    Wish you like my soles