1. My blonde wife in a plaid skirt

    My blonde wife in a plaid skirt

  2. Cruisin' under the Stars

    Cruisin' under the Stars

    First time on a cruise together. What a great time...
  3. B226D22F-7DF3-4174-A679-B73BD74B53BE.jpeg


  4. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    First anniversary wearing skirt and no underwear

    It was our first anniversary and we had planned to go to the quiet little restaurant where we had gone on our very first date. Beth asked me to select what she should wear for the evening from her wardrobe. Hoping I was in for a sexy evening, well this was our anniversary; I selected a black...
  5. Black Bred Skirt

    Black Bred Skirt

    Many ladies, couples and cucks have a thing for this breeding genre 💦. This is your safe space for fashion & fleshing it out . Links in bio
  6. P1050207.JPG


    Oops... Slipping skirt down...
  7. Skirting the line

    Skirting the line

  8. VID-20201225-WA0002.mp4


    My wife sends this video to her black friends🤟
  9. Shower me.jpg

    Shower me.jpg

    Now I'm clean, it's time to make a mess of me.
  10. Always ready .jpg

    Always ready .jpg

    I just love skirts specially when not wearing an panties
  11. Business Attire Backshots

    Business Attire Backshots

    Take off the blouse. Check. Hike up the skirt. Check. Leave on the heels. Check. Backstrokes bare in that tight married pussy. Check and check. Want to see the full 18 mins? DM me
  12. Easy Access for my Bull

    Easy Access for my Bull

  13. Do you see it ?♠️🖤

    Do you see it ?♠️🖤

    @Larebull212 ‘s Suggestion🥰
  14. Hotwife Gets Fucked in her Office

    Hotwife Gets Fucked in her Office

    We all have fantasies. For this petite woman, it was to wear a skirt with no underwear, put her hair up, and get fucked all over her husband’s small business. Let’s hope Martha wipes down her workstation Monday morning 😂 Want to see more? DM me
  15. Legs up

    Legs up

  16. Strike a pose

    Strike a pose

  17. Bend over

    Bend over

  18. Teaser: "Horny Lies The Crown (Jamie Wolf + Danger Nasty)

    Teaser: "Horny Lies The Crown (Jamie Wolf + Danger Nasty)

    Danger Nasty is a sexy starlet with smooth, inked caramel skin like that of a dark angel, making her an alternative queen of the highest erotic persuasion! Leave it up to the majestic Jamie Wolf and his 9 Inch royal scepter to show her just how dangerous and nasty things can get in the Wolf Den!
  19. 20191111_024428.jpg


    New years right before threesome
  20. X

    Sexy Curvy Latina.....

    My gf says she doesn't want a black cock but sometimes she gets super wet if we fantasize about her with a guy with a 9" plus black cock. Here are some pics of her. Anyone want to share their cock pics with her?