1. S

    true redhead looking for fun based in wales

    online fun for start not many black guys in llanelli love exposing digging and general naughtiness
  2. Shared GF with black guy

    Shared GF with black guy

  3. Samantha P

    Real Experience - Los Angeles

    Interestingly, I am being criticized for sharing some pretty extreme tastes and experiences in a place designed extreme tastes and experiences. I want to tell you about what happened when J came to LA, but...
  4. Samantha P

    Real Experience - My first time

    Hi everyone, After reading my account of my recent Real Experience (link below), I've been asked again and again how I met "J" aka "DCJ" and how it all happened in the beginning. I've told a few members and I'm gauging interest before I really set out to describe how it went down for me...
  5. Dark Secret

    Guys on here are starting to get boring

    hi guys and girls black or white I'm looking for the freaks the nasty minds of black to white I'm Layla I'm 5,4 caramel well tbh just look at my pictures me and my husband share this site he's not a cuckold we just love sharing each over Why should relationships b monogamous. So if you...
  6. D

    I Need Some Help With Getting Cucked

    So I confided in my wife about 2 years ago that I was into the cuckold fantasy. Eventually it evolved into wanting her to fuck black guys. She is very loving and kind to me and didn't dismiss my fantasies out right. I'm away from home a lot too. She webcams with me sometimes with her fucking the...
  7. G

    Who would you rather share a BBC with ?

    Having an conversation with a BBC lover she explained how she sharesaid her BBC with her aunt. It struck me that ladies have options. From my point of view you have to be a pretty secure chuck to share . By sharing she is also showing her willingness to please. Although one mouth and one...
  8. brand2121

    Verified Verify us please :-)

    We're a very real couple who've had 4 BBC experiences thus far. (See our introduction page)
  9. Another lucky wife is shared!

    Another lucky wife is shared!

  10. F

    bbw lovers thick thighs curves

    We are looking for bbc who love thick curvy white wives We are looking for bbw lovers to take me while im blindfolded hoping for at least three bbc
  11. Blonde Wife PAWG

    LF black/mixed couple mid Aug PDX

    Bi female with black hetero male wanted when we travel to Portland OR mid August. No male contact. Husband going to dominate blondewifepawg and make her submit while all 3 of us go at her all night. No anal. No bareback. Blondewifepawg is hetero so your bi girl gets her girl cherry. Maybe...