1. Bacchanalia

    Service Training for White Women

    I am Countess and welcome to Bacchanalia Academy of Alchemical Science + Service Training. Here, I train white women. While they reach heights of *******, I am reprogramming them from the decay that is white womanhood.
  2. Bacchanalia

    Service Academy

    A Caucasian woman's life is a Faustian Bargain. While whiteness grants you privilege and therefore power over the marginalized, you remain subjugated under the patriarchy. The glass ceiling will never be shattered. That is a proverbial carrot on a stick, a phantasm that you chase but will never...
  3. Suraggu

    Good afternoon from the UK

    Good afternoon to you all, Just messaging to say hello, my name is Slug and along with my submissive E, we are a 24/7 D/s male led relationship. Probably not what most would be expecting as no cuckolding going on here. Experienced in Impact play, medical play, long term bondage, We joined...