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    Honey, don't worry - you'd love being my cuckold! 😇 Cuckolding is all about trust! I appreciate your trust in me and in our marriage! ❤️
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    A selfie by the wifie!
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  4. H

    Share with us videos of passionate and sensual kissing or foreplay with black bull

    kissing and hugging (foreplay) are always the best moments for me , share with us the videos you got or even the ones you recorded ❤
  5. KingLip

    Phila Bull Hosting new friends

    Hey, I'm not new to this scene but this is my first post in a while. No strings, clean, single, and experienced Bull here. located near Fairmount PA. Looking for likeminded souls to connect with. I'm a Stoner but ain't nothing lazy bout' my game
  6. She MakesTheir GuestFeel AtHome.mp4

    She MakesTheir GuestFeel AtHome.mp4

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    @BlackForWives You are just hot, sensual, and a great fucking kisser. Stay you. 😘
  8. HeHasAGreatAss.MOV


    @BlackForWives See you in a week and half for a little from Column A (making love) and a little from Column B (fucking). Ok… a lot from both. And you do have a great fucking ass!
  9. Instant attraction. This is what it's all about!

    Instant attraction. This is what it's all about!

    See it ALL:
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    Indian Guy

    I am new on this site. I have high libido from my school days. I am always attracted to women.I love their bottom part. I always like to eat pussy and making them wet after that I love when they discharge all their cum in my mouth. I had sex with all kind of age group women till my college and...
  11. Wants to be Blacked

    Wants to be Blacked

  12. Taking my time and letting this new Latina hotwife feel every inch

    Taking my time and letting this new Latina hotwife feel every inch

    We already can’t wait to meet up again
  13. If she ain't sucking we ain't fucking.....flat out

    If she ain't sucking we ain't fucking.....flat out

    Some women are naturals....she is one of them. U gotta feed em dick when they're hungry 🤷🏾‍♂️✊🏿💪🏾
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    Massage and bbc

    Always wanted to have some extra fun while giving a professional massage. So looking for women in nyc area looking to relax and enjoy a sensual massage with some bbc play.
  15. Interracial Missionary with Tattooed BBW

    Interracial Missionary with Tattooed BBW

  16. Sensual missionary fucking

    Sensual missionary fucking

    BBC goes deep enough to make her wrap her legs.
  17. SemperDominus

    Scream for me you little cunt...

    He looks at her, knowing what she wants, before she understands it herself. Knowing what she subconsciously craves. The way she looks at him with eyes that soak in the scene before her. She is entranced by his enormous stature. His size. His strength. He asks her again to give her consent. She...
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    Wife finally said yeah post my ass pic so she could see who would love to put oil on it and massage it
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    Slide in and around under the sheets, DM me.
  20. Hotel blowjob

    Hotel blowjob