1. SecretPlayWife

    MILF Addicted to Black Cocks

    I can't get enough
  2. SecretPlayWife

    Gangbang at My Place This Saturday

    BBCs are invited. No money, just bring hard cock. :) I'm in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Guys come from as far away as San Diego and Long Beach to get their turn spitroasting me. You should too. Saturday April 11 at 7pm at my place. Message me or email for details (check my info...
  3. Jezabel

    Looking 4 a BBC in Ft. Worth

    I'm new 2 this, so I might come off as kind of shy, but ive thought about it 4 2 long and now I want it ((BBC)) really bad. Im not single.. but I won't tell if u wont tell. It can b our secret: ) ;)
  4. SecretPlayWife


    I get to go to Desert Hot Springs near Palm Springs for two days. And I can host. I want to play with some of you BBC studs in SoCal. :) Hubby will take pics, and we'll post some of them, but with all faces obscured. Btw, I like *groups* of black men tag teaming me so expect to hang out with...
  5. SecretPlayWife

    Blindfold fantasy came true

    A while ago I had an Ashley Madison profile, perhaps one of the few non-bots on the site? lol. One day one of the guys who pinged caught my attention. He didn't have a real pic of himself on his profile. That was not uncommon, so I asked him to unlock his private pics. He replied that he wanted...
  6. SecretPlayWife

    Just an Innocent Lil' GangBang with B2W Members ;)

    This past weekend I was made airtight again ! I had a blast. Love B2W :sex:
  7. SecretPlayWife

    Taking The Plunge - That First Time Playing

    Agreeing to have sex with a man who is not your husband is a HUGE decision. :hot: It was for me at least. So many guys have messaged me asking advice on how to make it go as well as they hope, or why they can't get their wife to repeat. :help: I talk about what I was thinking and why it...
  8. SecretPlayWife

    Fucked My First B2W Member - He's Here, Round Two Momentarily

    We're on a break. He joined a tumblr follower and the two fucked me back to back. Tumblr guy tapped out, B2W member is getting another round :)
  9. SecretPlayWife

    Verified Fake Totally Photoshopped Verification

    ... is what you want to avoid. Right? Tee hee. Now that I have your attention, maybe you can verify me. Xoxo