1. Erosfreak22

    Heteroflexible Sapiosexual Big Black Cock Bull Daddy NYC 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Always in search of QoS, Snowbunnys, Vixens, Hotwives and Stag and Vixens. Couples are very welcome and no one should miss the opportunity to get with this Big Black Cock Bull Daddy 💯💯💯
  2. SemperDominus

    She came like a good toy

    She was stripped naked.
 Her holes were probed and stretched.
 She was inspected inside and out.
 Her hair was pulled and grabbed.
 Her face was slapped. She was positioned on all fours
. Her mouth was stretched.
She was turned out to others.
 She collected colors, welts snd bruises.
 She wore...
  3. SemperDominus

    Punishment for Bad Girls

    With my voice in a whisper, I let you squirm, "I'm going to tell you what we do to bad girls. We start by tying them to the bed. We blindfold them, so they do not see what is coming. When you have had time to think about what you have done, I will punish you. You shall not speak during your...
  4. swimfan808

    Verified Verification Needed - Miami, FL

    I'm new to the site (as of today!) and figured "Why waste time getting verified?"
  5. EricInternational

    Hello White Ladies, and friends everywhere

    Motto I play it cool I dig all jive That's the reason I stay alive My motto As I live and learn Is dig and be dug in return -Langston Hughes That poem above pretty much sums up just who I am. That poem above was written by one of America’s greatest writers, poets, and thinkers. It is a motto...