Hello White Ladies, and friends everywhere


I play it cool
I dig all jive
That's the reason
I stay alive
My motto
As I live and learn
Is dig and be dug in return

-Langston Hughes

That poem above pretty much sums up just who I am. That poem above was written by one of America’s greatest writers, poets, and thinkers. It is a motto I have followed for much of my life, and it has worked for me most of the time.

I am a mature, college educated, well read, well traveled, intellectually rounded, published, reasonably good looking, funny, ironic, confident, and proud Black man, who hails from New York.

My reason for being here is to check out a lot of different scenes, meet new people, share ideas, ask a lot of questions, and make new friends. In short, it is an opportunity for me to grow even more. I am certainly NOT a ‘know it all.’ What I've learned so far in this life is the more I learn, the more I understand and come to realize, just how much I DO NOT KNOW.

I am open to meeting women of all persuasions, I do tend to lean towards White women, (HELL YES!) especially from outside the USA.... But 'Hip' American White women are VERY COOL, too. Oh Yes! INDEED. And, if I may add, I do have a soft spot in my heart for Jewish women, and Arabic women, as well. Just thought I would put it out there.

The photograph above with my face at a White Woman's Breast says it all. Do you dig?

And so, if I have not bored you with all of these details, then feel free to ‘hit me up’ in a private note. I WILL answer you straight away.

I do look forward to that.