1. B

    Rochester NY Married Couple

  2. thepsychmodel

    Seeking slutty queens

    Open to talking with alll verified and new get to know me dominant relaxed and safe
  3. Rope Bondage (erotic)

    Rope Bondage (erotic)

    Some lovely rope play with this sexy woman! Feeling helpless and safe will blow a woman mind on an entire different level of sexuality!! FYI Safety is always my first priority in a rope scene! BDSM Awareness! Always play with an experience Rope Dom/Top! Or seek out local BDSM classes!
  4. M

    Looking for Cuckold male

    Hello there...I'm a Top-Dom black male, who found out I enjoy cuckold couples. Was on a sexy website years ago and a wife contacted me that she wanted to make and keep her husband submissive and turn him into a sissy. She liked my style of chat and we got to know each other and developed trust...
  5. Sacdan87

    Norcal BBC and Hotwife group

  6. B

    Sexy ladies wanted for pregnancy

    Hey ladies, I'm looking for ladies who are straight, serious and sexy enough to get pregnant by me aka Big Black Beef. All pregnancies are discreet and safe. I do my business solo, just one on one with no videos, cameras or people watching. I'm STD free with proof, good looking, in good shape...