2. W

    ChatTale - Getting GF pregnant, part 1-3

    ChatTale - Getting GF pregnant, part 1-3 This is a hotwife/cuck fantasy chat animation built on a website that allows readers to make it personal by changing character's names. This game is about a couple who is not able to get pregnant. Wife's best girl-friend finds out, and she proposes a...
  3. Mohitraj75

    (Only for men)Do you like the smell of pussy?

    I love the scent of pussy and the taste of pussy juices, what about you,?
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    Cuckold 1st date

    So I had my first “Date” with a nice cuckold and I wanted to give some praise as I think this may have been the best experience I’ve ever had withba white guy who is into the lifestyle. His name is “J” and he lives in a town about 45 miles away. He has been divorced for three years has two *******...
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  6. StagRomanceMan

    Looking for ladies with money

    Hello to all my sexy money making ladies! I've got a lot to offer, besides my big black verile meat, I'd like to start an exclusive women's only club where I will be your host for love, romance and sex. All ladies invovle will be both my girls and co-workers that will help us build a network...