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  1. Head of the class

    Head of the class

    Do you want a shallowship?
  2. Verification pic

    Verification pic

  3. jaythekidd

    Verified make me real (verification)

    I'm the real deal, so lets make it happen
  4. Camaro99z


    i am seeking correspondence with like minded people if you like the idea of scenes like my avatar picture where hot wives in heels being bookended nice and aggressively. I like the idea of women dying their hair blond and making it nice and straight. Putting on her shiny black heels and then...
  5. Breeding #2

    Breeding #2

    More too come
  6. roadside assistance

    roadside assistance

    Anybody need a lil help?
  7. my media

    my media

    Ready, willing, and able.
  8. trek132

    Real amateurs posing with girls

    Let's see those pics.
  9. NewBull

    Looking for single hot wife or couples

    hi I'm a 7" black bull in Southern California. I'm into three ways, BDSM and fucking your wife. What separates me from your average joe is my youth and high spirits, And being new to the community I'm looking for a chance to prove myself worthy of pleasing your wives
  10. chillbbc951

    cali bbc looking to travel

    I have a week off coming up and would love to travel to some close states and meet some real genuine people. Willing to meet serious couples or woman ? I am in California southern California to be exact near Temecula. If u are local and within 45 min driving let chat. Otherwise any out of town...
  11. chillbbc951

    California bbc

    Hello david here from southern California. Loving the cali life everyday. Just wanted to say hello. Some might remember me i was david johnson on here before but somehow lost access to my profile. Just wanted to say hello and i am back looking for some adult fun with real member's! !! Lets meet...
  12. AlphaRyder

    Verified Please Verify

    Real Person by AlphaRyder posted Mar 13, 2016 at 5:34 PM