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  1. Posted up waiting

    Posted up waiting

  2. IMG_0277  - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0277 - Copy.JPG

  3. Ready and Waiting

    Ready and Waiting

  4. Showmeyaworthit

    BBC trying to beat sum pussy up

    Hit me up I'm trying to beat sum white black Latin good clean pussy up like comment I'm real I'm here DUVAL STAND UP
  5. Ready


  6. southernchicago

    first black dildo

  7. twohornydevils

    Her new friend

    Ok spelling will not be great typing this on my phone. Any way my girlfriend went on a night out and she knows i want her to be my slut and fuck other guys we spoken about it and she wants a bbc but hard to sort out. Well she was out she meet this guy and she desided to be all friendly and...
  8. CaliVenom

    Wife is on the brink!

    Wife has finally decided to set up a date with BBC. Excited, we live the I.E. looking for BBC in that area.