1. Jennie spread wide for bbc

    Jennie spread wide for bbc

  2. QoS Tats ♠️♠️♠️

    QoS Tats ♠️♠️♠️

    My wife is now wearing tats made by member Ashley Knight. Be sure to contact her for all your QOS needs.
  3. DomBrownBull

    Advice on how to get girlfriend to become a QoS

    Hey, me and my girlfriend have an amazing relationship. We are young (both under 25). We like to dominate couples together, we love to engage in threesomes and we like to experiment. I was experienced with the cuckold lifestyle before I met her and have cucked a lot of couples. But since I met...
  4. Spring Event 2017 Hotwife & Bull Photo 01

    Spring Event 2017 Hotwife & Bull Photo 01

    Another Queen of Spades and her Bull in this lovely Spring Event photo.
  5. JoeWhite53

    Conversion Commencing

    Today I am beginning my own long contimplated journey towards turning my long term partner into a Queen of Spades, and myself into a Cuckold. I am from this day on going to let myself go physically, I will overeat and cease exercise. From now on I will try my best to not satisfy her with my...
  6. Couplefeet12

    Should my wife do a tatoo of Queen of spades ?

    if yes where should she do it ?
  7. My Wife's Ass

    My Wife's Ass

    Any fans ?
  8. MrDiscreet

    Quick fuck tonight

    Looking for anyone within 2hr drive of Harrisburg, PA for a quick 1 to 2 rounds of sex. Either hotwife or couple, does not matter. If serious, PM me or Kik me
  9. Harmoni Kalifornia meets Richard Mann

    Harmoni Kalifornia meets Richard Mann

    It was my first trip to Vegas to shoot for my site. I had already filmed 4 scenes that day and was packing up t leave when Richard Mann a/k/a Blackzilla walked in the door and asked if I was up yo the challenge of his 11 inch cock. I think I showed my true Queen of Spades!
  10. L

    Los Angeles wannabe cuck looking for queen

    Hey there, I'm a 29 year old handsome man. I'm in shape, I have a stable job, and I'm as kinky as it gets. I'm looking for a hotwife/queen of spades to enter the lifestyle with. I have previous experience as well. This is a serious post and I'm not here to waste anyone's time. If you're...
  11. Queen of Spades Does DP

    Queen of Spades Does DP

    Queen of Spades Does DP
  12. G

    The Denver Dick Down/ Colorado BBC Event

    It would seem the Rockies need a little assistance in opening up their ladies Hoerizans. It appears We have the tool to achieve filling said voids . August 25. A month from now . Me and like 5 of my Bull Bros will be running through Denver "running of the bulls" Exclusive Swank Location ...