pickup line

  1. LupeandMicha

    What the best way to be Approached as a Couple?

    Micha and I were talking last week and we could not come to solid and concise decision on what the best way to be a approached in public would be for a single guy. We spoke of several scenarios whether or not I was present. Are we with vanilla people? Are we with family? We both agreed that...
  2. I

    ladies be honest, would this work if a guy tried this in abar/ night club, why or why not?

    you see two girls dancing next to each other they are friends and you have a crush on one of them, what do you say? Maybe I'd ask her friend "confusing her to another person". It's an old and bad trick, but maybe it might work. That way maybe there is a chat. Just come up with a random name like...