1. SRTdrakedirt

    Cowgirl position 😈😏.

    Can you use this thread to post videos of milfs and white woman riding cowgirl….it’s my favorite position to see a woman’s thighs pushing down moving on my dick with her tits out
  2. 20230118_135850.jpg


    My lovely cock, soft for now...can you get it up for me?
  3. soon2becucked

    Hard BBCs

    Sometimes, pictures of BBCs can make them seem less than super-erect, super-hard. I've heard speculation that very big cocks, 9, 10 inches don't get as hard as smaller dicks. I don't believe that, I've seen some hard monster cocks online, and I definitely think my wife would prefer a very...
  4. Loboferos1992

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    Oh my gosh a dick pic on the internet. How original ;)
  6. juliete1217

    Just for laughs!

    Mine would be Forged In Fire 🔥🤣
  7. R

    Do Some Cuckolds prefer having a Small Dick?

    I was wondering if there are other cuckolds like me that actually like having small dicks? For me its that humiliating feeling I have when I'm trying to fuck a girl. The fact that I have a small limp dick that has trouble getting hard and staying hard trying to penetrate a pussy is just...
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    Ever had trouble getting it all the way in? Does it go all the way in or how far?
  10. L


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    Black Cumshot

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    Morning wood

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    Reblog if...

    Does anyone dare to post this on another site (Twitter, FB, vk, Instagram, tumblr, etc.)? (...);)
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    Biggest cock and cumshots/facials

    I'd love to hear from you ladies about your experiences with the biggest BBC you've seen or had. How long/thick was it? Also please tell about the biggest cumshot you've seen or your biggest facial. What was hubby's reaction? Thanks!