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  1. M

    Would You Admit You Fucked Her,Or Put A Bag On Her Face???

    Mexican Mom Mandy H From OKC,Oklahoma...
  2. M

    Degrade My Bestfriend Ashley From Oklahoma

    Degrade and demean my best friend Ashley from OKC..found her nasty white trash pics when she let me borrow her phone..love my gurl,but she's a disgusting whore who fucks anything for dope money..let her have it
  3. M

    Mexican Sex Addict Mandy H From Oklahoma City

    Hi! I'm Mandy from Oklahoma..im submissive,and loved to be demeaned and exposed!..im Hispanic with giant udders and a 4 kid bearing pussy hole thats worn out and sagging..really jus lookin for a couple of giant dicks to fuck my ugly face and disgusting holes till I'm useless :P comments...
  4. GenuineBlack

    Young BBC in Oklahoma City

    Looking in the NW area.
  5. M

    Bbc For Oklahoman Couple

    I'll make it sweet and simple. I am a tall athletic fit black man looking for some couple fun, hung and kinky. discreet is a must.Searching for that perfect situation! Make a Kik and message me at Mikeknight405 so we can actually exchange pics and discuss! Spare me on the spamming
  6. MasterVoyager

    Oklahoma City

    Are there any active cuck couples or single ladies in the OKC area..