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    Naughty nurse play 2, more of her here:
  2. J

    Nurse Julie

  3. R

    Is their any nurse getting bbc or bbc stories in your hospital journey

    Is their any nurse getting bbc or bbc stories in your hospital journey pls share I’ll love to share my wife always thinking if she getting bbced @ work I’m always worried “ don’t worry babe just a friend “ while I think he’s dicking her down in the garage
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    horny at work in the bathroom stall 😈
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    It’s like all I do is take pics of my tits at work
  6. First Time BBC for a Hot Nurse While Cuck Watching

    First Time BBC for a Hot Nurse While Cuck Watching

    First time BBC for this sexy dirty talking nurse while the cuck is watching
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  8. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    wife volunteered for charity work during lockdown

    We are all suffering in some way from the Pandemic and being on lockdown is never fun. I have been isolated with my family and while I love them, the experience has been less than ideal. Beyond the general getting on each other’s nerves, being together so much has really cut into my sex life...
  9. Indian girl hard bbc

    Indian girl hard bbc



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    Woohoo! It’s Friday and the work clothes are cumming off!
  12. DFWSundevil

    Texas Ladies/Couples

    I know you sexy Sales, Teachers, CPA’s, Attorneys and Medical Pros (Doctors/Nurses etc) are out there. The most sexual white women I've ever fucked have fallen in those categories. Show everyone how we do it in Texas and shout out where you are!
  13. A

    Nursing and breastfeeding

    Hi everyone, i am a young black man, living in France with my white girlfriend. We both wants to have a baby, but she is still hesitant. She told me it would help her if other interracial family could share their experience, especially about breastfeeding, because that's a big fantasm for both...
  14. knee problems.jpg

    knee problems.jpg

    might need knee surgery
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    Selfie from work :)
  16. DD38n8

    Which one?

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    A shot from the holidays I never uploaded cuz I was away!
  18. I

    The adventures of Mc Big DIck #2 The sweet releif hospital!!!

    I am Big BBC patient at a hospital, named the sweet releif hospital? I press the nurse call button, next there is a knock on my room door, and a sexy nurse of a woman walks in, then the nurse ask do you need help. And I say my crotch is sore, she is in her scrubs but was feeling naughty tonight...