1. K

    Young wife, what do you think?

  2. Waiting & wanting it

    Waiting & wanting it

    Wife teasing while waiting
  3. Just me...

    Just me...

    You and I were staying at a very nice hotel. You have accompanied me on a biz trip... I bought you a very skimpy mini skirt and a white see-trough shirt for the trip... You take your time getting ready for dinner... You look stunning!! So sexy... You are not wearing panties or bra when we leave...
  4. Background Mirage

    Background Mirage

    Not a mirage...
  5. L

    Lizzy for Comments

    Lizzy in Blue Panties Showing her wedding rings and nude for your comments
  6. L

    Hotwife Lizzy

  7. Selfie


    Should I take a selfie like this every morning to get black cock enjoying tribute on my body?
  8. mlnblnh

    My sexy nude photos

  9. Body shot in Vegas

    Body shot in Vegas

    Took a few shots before heading out to the strip, we love the black & white photos.
  10. TheUBM

    Girls who need to get Blacked!!!

    For my second job I work for a big box retailer. I see all kinds of girls, white girls, Asian girls, Latina girls. Small girls, average girls, big girls. Short girls, average girls, tall girls. And you know what I think about all of the pretty ones? She needs to get blacked. I'd like to see...
  11. My body under the sun

    My body under the sun

  12. andres91

    relato:los negros y mi bajita esposa viviana

    Me llamo Claudio y les voy a contar lo que sucedió hace unos meses con mi esposa Viviana mora. Estuvimos de novios durente 4 años y ya hacia 3 que estabamos casados. Ella tenia entonces 27 años y yo 31. La vivi es una chica linda. Cara de niña y cuerpo chiquito. Mide apenas 1.50 metros de...
  13. Summer 2015 Spain

    Summer 2015 Spain

    Fresh air always makes everything seem better and sexy...
  14. Lance and Donna

    Sexy, mature Donna's fantasy photos

    Donna says she has always been attracted to black men and finds the skin contrast to be very erotic. How do you think she looks?