1. S

    Stag and Hotwife looking for BBC in Scandinavia.

    Searching for BBC in Scandinavia. We are a couple living in Norway. Looking for a BBC or two for my wife to enjoy in Norway or Sweden. I'd like to watch, but very open minded for more than watching if desired. We are 36 and 39. She is very petite Vietnamese and I'm average standard Norwegian.
  2. D


    I am Middle Eastern/African Bull who is looking for Women in Oslo Norway or Stockholm Sweden(if we get along i can travel other cities). I am 186cm, 20cm very thick cock with circumcision, muscular dominant looking. I am experienced in cuckolding, total gentleman outside but rough bull in bed...
  3. D

    Middle East Bull looking for European Slut

    Hi, i am experienced Dominant Bull from Middle east who lives in Central Europe. I am 186, muscular, dark skin but not fully black with 20 cm size,I travel a lot to Nordic Countries (Sweden,Norway,Poland,Finland). I am experienced in dominating beta couples, shibari etc. If you want to be...
  4. D


    Hi, i am Muslim guy from Middle east who is looking for Christian Women or couples from Europe who is into Cuckolding (Preferred from Sweden,Norway,Poland,Germany) who has craving for Dominant Muslim Men. I am experienced in Cuckolding and Domination. I am tall, dark skin with muscular...
  5. sexygirl4u

    Advice for trying bbc again

    Hi! I hope everyone is doing well! I'm just looking for some quick advice or scenarios on a situation I'm going to go through. I had a three some a couple months ago with my bf and a black guy and I'd say it was a positive experience. One of the biggest reasons it was a three some was that...
  6. sexygirl4u

    29 F Norwegian first MFM three some

    Hi. Now sure if this is the right place to put this but this is a story of how my first MFM went! I wanted to share just because I think it was a good suggestion. My bf and I had been looking for a black lover for some time now, and always been curious about the porn we watched and how they...
  7. NorwayNordics


    Ladies and Gentlemen, in particular the ladies, make sure you are practicing safe sex. I am telling you this from experience. I'm now pregnant with twins as a student in med school and the ******* is AWOL. You DO NOT want to be in my situation. Abortion isn't an option for me now, but I will...
  8. XTrainerBlk

    Oslo, Bergen Norway.

  9. O

    First time was a big success

    Hi everyone just wanted to update you all on our first meetup. We went to a club on New Year’s Eve and it was very full and lively. At first she just danced and rubbed her ass on black men. After an hour of dancing and drinking we meet a very nice guy that we explained our situation to and...
  10. M

    Do Norwegian girls like black guys?

    Skin colour is seldom the deciding factor that make us like or dislike a guy. If you are a fun, friendly, honest guy who contribute positively to your surroundings and who talks our language, quite a few girls are likely to like you. Pigmentation is not particularly important. There are of...
  11. 20200826_201230.jpg


    Oslo, Norway
  12. BigPapa

    The Princess & Black Man Magic

    Move over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is the only ******* and elder baby of King Harald V and Queen Sonja. She is fourth in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne, after her brother Haakon, and his children. Well it seems she is dating and...
  13. Runkunrunkun

    BBC looking for juicy pussy to devour in Norway

    Hi, I am a black 35yrs old male. Anybody in Stavanger area in Norway has a pussy I can play with. Let me know, I am at your service.