1. D

    Should I Accept My Status?

    I'm very conflicted on if I should submit to becoming a beta male. I have been in 2 previous relationships and both of my girlfriends have cheated on me. The first one was with a white guy and the second was with a black guy. Both of the men were very well hung. I'm currently in a third...
  2. 34DDs ready for titfucking

    34DDs ready for titfucking

  3. btlbfmlvr2003

    Please Cum on my Wife's Huge Tits!

    Guys, would love to see you unload all over my wife's tits. Plenty more pics to post if there are some good replies! Thanks!
  4. eupaar partystimmung

    Partystimmung in Natur

    Black Mann gesucht Hallo sind ein paar und soe ein bis drei.
  5. Borncuckold

    Our view of cuckolding

    I am a white man who has been married for 22 years now. At first married sex was “great!” That is the first year…after that, my wife lost interest. So, like most white couples we went back and forth. “Dry” periods eventually turned into the “talk.” She professed her love…which was and is real. i...