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  1. Kikiknots

    What is the most exciting sexual act watching your wife do with another man?

    Recently, my wife and I have been thinking about hot things on our dates that turn me on. We looked at several forums on this topic to see what other couples thought about it. Of course, the fact that I love watching my wife with another man is already a hot thing. I began to think and remember...
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    Watching my wife...

    My wife Ann and I love making homemade porn. At one time we did it just for ourselves. I love to enjoy Ann, especially in sex. She is a beautiful brunette with a hot figure and full boobs, a big ass and a narrow waist. We were very turned on by our porn, and my wife watching our amateur story...
  4. danilol

    Wife Makes Me A Cuckold

    I met at work in the break room with my friend Jeff recently. We started talking. We have known each other for a long time, we graduated from university together. Although I was well promoted and held the position of deputy, he was stuck in management, but this did not seem to bother him at all...
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    My wife
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  9. Kanddcplepa2

    My Wife at a Strip Club

    For me, marriage to my wife is the second in a row. She is a bright and sexy woman and never hid the fact that in her youth she was dancing in a strip club. By the age of 40, the figure has become stouter after 3 births, but this does not spoil her at all. True, now she would be perfect for...
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    My wife
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    My Wife wants is BBC so hard

    Hi everyone! Need your advice. My wife and I have been married for several years. We are 33 years old. Our marriage is first. My wife had a very active sex life before marriage, she had a huge number of men. When we got married, first sexual life was very stormy, then gradually my wife began to...
  13. B

    Cuckolding: A Love Triangle

    CUCKOLDING: A LOVE TRIANGLE I`m a married man, my wife and I have a good relationship and there are no problems in sex. I want to say thatI began to think about turn to cuckold. The wife looks great, she is a beautiful hot woman, takes care of herself. Man often pay attention to her. And I like...
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