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    Your local BBC Provider.
  2. muscular.mp4


    Underneath a muscular man
  3. IseeMeInYou

    Hello World

    I'm a very fun, entertaining guy from Charlotte NC, I love to meet new people and find those who are just as awesome as I am :) I love to live, love and laugh every moment I get so let's meet and have some fun.
  4. Just me.

    Just me.

  5. Ballzout


  6. D

    Black men have the best Ass!

    To me, the sight of a black mans ass fucking a white pussy is so hot! There usually big, muscular, and just so hot! Haha. It makes me wanna spread those cheeks like his sensitive asshole. And then following there hot ass down to there big hard cock, that’s hopefully stretching out a white, tight...
  7. After the Gym.mp4

    After the Gym.mp4

  8. 20180518_185745.jpg


    Looking for florida girls that want a good time
  9. 20180518_185703.jpg


    who is in florida ?
  10. KingRocky

    Anyone in florida looking for a black bull

    Hi, Im looking for someone drama free that wants to hook up, I'm in pensacola florida so you need to be there or close thanks. Hope to hear back soon
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    It was time for a new pic
  12. BBCFit

    Playing with my BBC. Thinking about someones wife out here in New Jersey.

    Playing with my dick. I need a good little well behaved pretty white wife too cuck out here in Jersey. Getting really horny over here. The Bull in me is ready to tear the china shop up. All you undercover racist come worhisp This BBC. Come bring your wives. I will take very good care of them.
  13. BBCFit

    Bull in Jersey Looking for white couple to cuck...

    Where are you good little rasicest white couples in Jersey that donmt want to admit how much you need BBC in your lives. Ladies tell your friends how much you need BBC, Jersey Sissyboys tell your co workers and friends how bad there wives need BBC. I will cum feed them my seed one by one. Let’s...
  14. chocolate hard body

    chocolate hard body

    Am I in shape enough ??? Hmmm.... I will work out harder
  15. chocolate 2

    chocolate 2

    Feeling good
  16. voila


    I like working out. All natural
  17. chocolate


    Taking pic before shower
  18. more pictures of me

    more pictures of me

    enjoy the view
  19. more pictures of me

    more pictures of me

    enjoy the view
  20. more pictures of me

    more pictures of me

    enjoy the view