1. Beauty & The Beast First Look

    Beauty & The Beast First Look

    This Hotwife Loves Her Men Big & Black!
  2. Stevestrokes

    30yr old living in Jersey

    What's going on everyone? Let me introduce myself I'm a young black man living in the state of New Jersey 30yr 5'6 height 142 lbs With tons of tattoos if you are into that type of thing. I'm on here just to explore meet new people and possibly have fun if it came down to that. I'm very clean...
  3. 62B12860-F068-4EA7-83C5-74933C9EA149.jpeg


    It was time for a new pic
  4. A8D9F285-A066-4553-A2B1-5BFA41B9E867.jpeg


  5. BBCFit

    Playing with my BBC. Thinking about someones wife out here in New Jersey.

    Playing with my dick. I need a good little well behaved pretty white wife too cuck out here in Jersey. Getting really horny over here. The Bull in me is ready to tear the china shop up. All you undercover racist come worhisp This BBC. Come bring your wives. I will take very good care of them.
  6. BBCFit

    Bull in Jersey Looking for white couple to cuck...

    Where are you good little rasicest white couples in Jersey that donmt want to admit how much you need BBC in your lives. Ladies tell your friends how much you need BBC, Jersey Sissyboys tell your co workers and friends how bad there wives need BBC. I will cum feed them my seed one by one. Let’s...
  7. I

    New York - July ‘18 - my wife is 50

    Hi all, Pretty much says it all in the title. Me and my wife Linda have fantasized about her being with a black man, preferably in early 30s or younger. We are in NYC for 3 days from 6th to 9th July as her present for turning 50 on 4th July - and we both have agreed it is now or never and we are...
  8. Hope you like.....

    Hope you like.....

    At home before going out
  9. Loving Every Inch

    Loving Every Inch

    The way she sounds, she'd rather get fucked by this black dick than eat. She may starve, but her pussy won't.
  10. whole package

    whole package

    this is the real me ;)
  11. Gin

    Request for the ladies

    I would like to see if anyone has full body shots to share. I love to see the BBC photos but I also love to see those proud black bodies attached to them. Show the ladies the entire package. We like the eye candy to! ;)
  12. H


    looking for someone to become snap chat friends with my hott sexy 110 pound wife.
  13. Chiseled Frame

    Chiseled Frame

    Athletic Build