1. Kull711

    Abstaining from masturbation

    Has anyone abstain from masturbation for more than a few days, weeks or even years and how does it affect your everyday lives for men and women in general ? I would love to hear some awesome feedback from you all and I love sharing and talking about certain topics like this
  2. BULL


  3. S

    The Few Things Men And Women Don't Know About Great Sex!!!

    Let Me Explain This: About Men and Women: Sensuality - Most people men and women don't understand the meaning of this and why this is one of the most important parts of getting a deep connection with your partner. Kissing - A lost art in this millenial generation X people really do not...
  4. Sissy Lynn

    Are there any black sissies or black cucks out there?

    I want to know if there are any black cucks or black sissies out there?
  5. S

    10 Reasons Latina's Are My Favorite Women...

    This post is my about my love for Latinas and why I like them over most other women. 1) The way they dance(Salsa/Latin Dance) no other nationality does dancing like a Latin ladie. 2) There cooking skills are barnone the best"take it from a guy who is from Miami". 3)They have a lot of "sexual...
  6. N

    Any Site for Men Who Want Black Dick in Them?

    This site is amazing Nothing makes me happier than knowing so many women submit to black men. Or seeing so many black men know how gorgeous they are. And especially seeing black men and women of all colors put the rest of us men in our place. But is there a website for us guys looking to submit...