1. A130.JPG


    Another shot from our long outdoor series. She'd worn this dress all day at work with nothing underneath (at my instruction) so by 6pm, we were ready to eat each other!!
  2. A103.JPG


    It was SO horny watching/photographing her play like this!!
  3. A97.JPG


    I'd asked her to have a large bottle available - I hadn't told her why. She's a fast learner!!
  4. A75.JPG


    More from our long afternoon session - getting bolder...!
  5. A73.JPG


    Another shot from the afternoon/evening session. She went through a few outfits, a few toys and a LOT of sex!!
  6. A15.jpg


    This never was properly explained to me. It was one of a number of selfies she sent me while I was working away one time. Draw your own conclusions - I did!
  7. A (29).jpg

    A (29).jpg

    Part of a very special set shot over a lovely afternoon and evening. Happy days!!
  8. A (2).jpg

    A (2).jpg

    Another flash at work! How did we ever get anything done?
  9. 6648559.jpg


    After she'd stripped out of the blue dress, paraded naked for me and we'd fucked like a pair of rabbits, Amelia couldn't bear to waste the cum that was leaking out of her...!!
  10. 1231.jpg


    Another of Amelia's 'special' bra collection. I decided she should stop wearing a bra as I felt her nipples should always be on show. Her (typical) response was to start a collection of bras which didn't cover her nipples!!
  11. 5.jpg


    This is a dress I'd asked her to wear with nothing underneath. After we took this shot, she unbuttoned and slipped out of it - just as the Police rolled into the car park!!
  12. 2.jpg


    Amelia showing her tits at work. No warning - just her reaction to my bra ban!!
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