1. 31FDDB5D-7070-4BB0-871C-4468173B9CB0.jpeg


    Getting used by my current bull!
  2. P6250046.jpg


    Showing her white ass
  3. Latina’s first bbc

    Latina’s first bbc

    Older Latina getting her first experiences of bbc
  4. poundit

    Never too old to start fucking blacks!

    I thought I would tell you of what I have got myself in to as I still cannot really believe it myself! My name’s Sue & work at a printers factory in Derby UK, Have been marred for many years with not that much very "Sexually" exciting happening along the way as it were. I thought our sex life...
  5. Library - 2213.jpg

    Library - 2213.jpg

    The beginning with lover
  6. Blowingherbull.jpeg


    Sent me the pic while she had a night alone with her bull.
  7. Wife very much wanted, very much dreamed

    Wife very much wanted, very much dreamed

  8. Another Horny Day at Work

    Another Horny Day at Work

    The second social distancing is over, I’m gonna need some cougars to help make up for lost time. Any sexy cougars trying to play in NYC?
  9. Curly mom grabs and sucks BBC.mp4

    Curly mom grabs and sucks BBC.mp4


    self pleasure warm up before her bull arrived for some hard fucking

    watching her own videos getting herself ready for a little quarantine fun

    Deep load

    Riding on top
  14. gablackbear47

    Augusta Georgia Interracial Pics and Discussion

    Please post interracial pictures and stories of sexy and fantasy encounters. This thread is mainly for those that live in the CSRA that love and would fuck the opposite race. Cuck stories are welcomed as well. I ask that you post a pic for your stories as well.
  15. Tip


  16. His Wife while he's at work

    His Wife while he's at work

  17. Hot BBC pounding

    Hot BBC pounding

  18. QoSeeker

    Mature (45) white big booty bareback mom, needs BBCs Michigan

    Any Bulls in MI want to bust in this slut ?
  19. Hungry? Why wait?

    Hungry? Why wait?

  20. Resized_20200321_1617281.jpg


    I'm gonna make a vidéo of me fucking her after the quarantine 😋