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  1. Tight grip

    Tight grip

    She had one of the tightest grip I’ve ever had!
  2. IMG_20211205_083342.jpg


    Deep Throat
  3. Kominar

    Seducing My Wife

    I adore my mature wife Ashley, she has always been a very seductive woman. In our youth, we regularly played pranks, but when we got married, the sexual adventures subsided. Even while staying at home, Ashley remained a sexy and seductive housewife. We, as mature married people, initially...
  4. Bucket list 2

    Bucket list 2

    Spread and enter
  5. Her shaved pussy

    Her shaved pussy

  6. Doggy-style with a Hotel Milf

    Doggy-style with a Hotel Milf

  7. Sex and No Lunch with a Gilf

    Sex and No Lunch with a Gilf

    Listen to the full erotic version on my podcast: SHANGO's Zone on Spotify, Apple podcast, Spreaker, etc.
  8. Mature Wife Calls Husband.mp4

    Mature Wife Calls Husband.mp4

    Calling her husband to let him know how well she's getting fucked.
  9. Foreplay


    Having a little fun
  10. M

    Nice to meet you young bull here

    Amateur but I wouldn’t say new IE/LA to ATL
  11. My favorite GILF 🏆

    My favorite GILF 🏆

    I love how she submits to whatever I say. Loves my BBC 💪🏿
  12. WhatsApp Video 2021-08-13 at 16.45.14.mp4

    WhatsApp Video 2021-08-13 at 16.45.14.mp4

    while waiting for the next fuck
  13. Dorina4BBCs

    Convince Mature Wife to Try Hotwife Story

    I should say right away that my mature wife is not a hotwife, this fantasy has been visiting me for many years. We have been married for 12 years. The last couple is literally sitting in my head, I imagine mature hotwife story as my blonde busty bbw become shared with sexy bbc. I pic amateur...
  14. D

    Black and gifted seeking mature white freak

    You're a mature woman who loves it when younger men go after you. Reserved could describe you but wild, open-minded and daring might be more fitting. To know that someone is willing to lick you front to back, back to front and every which way makes you uncomfortably wet...To have someone make...
  15. Destructorbull

    A little secret story filmed by the husband

  16. Weekend Treat

    Weekend Treat

    Treating this mature MILF hotwife to a tasty weekend treat after numerous request from her cuckold husband. Safe to say her eyes were on me all evening. Which would you choose?
  17. Crawl fo BBC.wmv

    Crawl fo BBC.wmv

    Leashed up
  18. Waiting 40 years

    Waiting 40 years

    Hubby sent me another pic - Looking forward to playing with her again
  19. Waiting 40 years

    Waiting 40 years

    She said I help her fulfilled something she wanted to do with a college friend 40 years ago. You can guest her age
  20. A Workout.wmv

    A Workout.wmv

    A week before this she was a conservative housewife. Today she is riding black cock all over the house for the first time. She takes me with abandon experiencing what it is to be fucked for the first time in her life. She sent her cuck husband out because she was to shy to show him what she wants