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    Bull Active and Looking . Let’s have sex in the shower . PM me for training and booking
  2. SuziesHusband

    The Beautiful side of Cuckolding

    I have true story for you, one that touches upon a few different cuckold themes. My Wife had met a very sexy Black Man through one of her Girlfriends, they had an instant attraction and quietly exchanged contact information, because he was already sleeping with her Girlfriend and she is very...
  3. WannabeCuck

    Behavioral Conditioning Stories

    Ann4BBC wrote a post in another thread, talking about her experience being so effectively trained by her master that it led to an embarrassing situation for her, because she was conditioned to welcome her masters' friends in a certain way (see her quote below, reposted with her permission). I...
  4. steve1000

    The Cuckold as a Master?

    My slut wife and I have noticed that in the majority of cuckold relationships, the male is submissive to his wife and, in many cases, to the wife's boyfriends, especially when the BF has a BBC. In our relationship, however, my wife considers herself to be my slave, and me to be her master. I...
  5. Y

    Sacramento BBC

    Looking to spice things up at home? Step into my world and I will show you exactly how a slut should be treated infront of her cuck. 6ft 1in muscular 25 years old 9inch BBC for her to enjoy and for you as a cuck to get ready for her to enjoy. Think you have what it takes send me a message or hit...
  6. Ready for my heavy load

    Ready for my heavy load

    She told me to fum in her mouth and take a selfie
  7. Black master fuck a white slut

    Black master fuck a white slut

  8. D

    Dom Black for cuck cpl, sub cpl

    Hi, Im looking cuckold couple, slutwife, sub couple
  9. tooelewife

    From Fort Worth Texas and Married with cuckold

    I love have sex with black men, very dom black me the control that they bring when they are with me. my husband is in control most of the time but when i am with a black man he becomes very submissive. He knows he cant push or hit the buttons black men do, or at least most do.
  10. Marie N

    Finally found my Black Master

    After much searching and long talks with the Man who shall become my Black Master, i've finally found Him. Our first meeting is tonight and it proves to be one for the record books. As i see no reason to doubt His intention, i look forward to an evening of discipline, humility, service and...
  11. MasterFW4

    What do you think?

    I saw on another site a group about black men looking for families to dominate and after thinking about it, I found that fantasy pretty hot. Imagine a black Dom/Master/Bull having the entirety of adult legal age members of a family subservient to his every whim. so if he wanted a Black...
  12. MasterFW4


    How is everyone? I am a new member to this site, I am currently looking to talk to real people and eventually set up real life meetings. Anyone interested in what I am looking for.. just check out my profile and you all have a nice day.
  13. rock22cm

    did you looking for bull for your wife ?

    always look to see video abot cuckold and when i see the cuckold love wife and let her get fuck with other man i feeling very horny and always think for that i can be your wife bull im from africa but not black and i love to be master because i like hit ass so much when i was fuck lady she got...