1. Softici


    Hello, we will be on Mallorca at the end of April. Any handsome with BBC?
  2. C

    second time massage

    Recently in July, my wife and I went on a weekend holiday to a spa resort in Mallorca without our kids. Without too many expectations it was a really a time for us just to getaway from our busy lives. Although curious sometimes, we are not swingers or have do we have any intention to be active...
  3. ParMallorca

    Just arrived! Curvy sexy wife

    Hi! We're spanish couple, based on Mallorca, Spain. She loves black cocks and would love to try one (or two). She is 166cm 66kg curvy, big titted, sexy and very high sexuality. Interested? Send a response. Pics attached
  4. Blacklove1


    I (Nina) stay 5 month in the year at Mallorca. I look for me Black Bulls for many fun at Mallorca. Only Guys how stay at Mallorca.