1. I'm her element

    I'm her element

    Loves sucking and getting fucked by Black Kings ✊🏾♠️💪🏾
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    when woman looks over and over......
  3. SemperDominus

    Feel my strength

    I like the subtle act of overpowering you. Holding you down with one hand and pulling your panties off with the other. To handle you and be able to position you at will to my liking. To hear you moan and then you make the most wonderful noises when I forcefully insert myself into you as you're...
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    Wanting it...
  5. SemperDominus

    How I will Make You Mine

    I ask, "Do you belong to me? Do you give all your power and will over to me, freely?" And you answer "Yes, daddy. Of course, I do." But does that really make you mine? Do just those words mean that I have you forever? So, I kiss you softly. I kiss you like you're just an innocent little girl...
  6. up close and live..

    up close and live..

    it's for you..every inch made for your pleasure
  7. Power of BBC

    Power of BBC

    ladies Never underestimate the power of good dick it has the power to drive you crazy!!
  8. Look and Lust...

    Look and Lust...

    Thinking of someone...