1. mywayintermsofsex

    Short Survey For The Hotwifing "Bulls"

    For "Bulls" only: What statement would describe you best? (Multiple choices are possible.) == Begin of Survey == I love fucking another man's wife simply because it means getting some pussy for free. [true/false] I love fucking another man's wife because I want to give her the pleasure...
  2. E

    Petite White Submissive Princess to Queen of Spades

    All of me, just take All of me. :qos::balanced::lips:
  3. Kull711

    Holistic Black men

    Hello awesome women I have a question about black men that involves living a holistic lifestyle and any feedback from you all is much appreciated :)
  4. IronLion1986

    How to get her there

    I've always been a fan of interracial porn. I wouldn't consdier myself a cuckold, however because I am not subservient. Interracial porn has always been visually stimulating to me. I am not a jealous guy and would love to share my wife, but she is very against it and has took offense when I...
  5. toogoodtobetrue

    Northern California BBC looking for fun...

    Hi, my name is Brian, 35 years young alpha black male. A gentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets. I love being in the lifestyle, sharing experiences and meeting awesome new people. I'm familiar with cuckold situations, couple play and of course single play and looking for females and...
  6. Shenty2016

    Lifestyle and entertainment

    There are countless films and TV shows on lifestyle. But did you notice that almost all of them are dramas of some sort. Somehow the entertainment industry is treating this topic unfairly. All scenarios are similar. A couple wants to expand its sexual experience, gets into a lifestyle, enjoys...
  7. mywayintermsofsex

    The Importance Of The "BBC" In The Hotwife-Cuckold-Lifestyle (personal note)

    Within the adult lifestyle in question (see title) it is well understood that in this context "BBC" is used as abbreviation for Big Black Cock. In this post i will raise the question of the importance of the BBC as a trait for the third (i.e. additional) player, taking its meaning literally...
  8. Got2

    Accidental Interracial Cuckold

    I wrote this yesterday, on MLK Birthday. Kind of interesting timing. Accidental Interracial Cuckold This is the story of how I first became cuckold, along with the transformation of my lovely wife into an Interracial Hotwife. This journey started, like many couples, when we were just...
  9. H

    Advice for Newbs; Right for Us?

    We are asking these questions in good faith, even if it may seem critical to some. I have the fantasy of mfm with my fiancee of 4 years and seeing her with another man and she has always had a touch of jungle fever so it is natural that we would find ourselves here. We've talked about it at...
  10. mywayintermsofsex

    What are Your desired Frequency of Sexual Activeness and desired Lifestyle Role? (poll)

    Please, choose one poll option AND post a reply to the thread that says something about your desired lifestyle role in short. Examples would be "hotwife", "wifesharer", "regular lover", "slutwife", "cuckhold", "swinger", "queen of spades", "bull", ..., for instance. (If you don`t have your...
  11. V

    Born to be a Cuckoldress

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm a 37 year old cuckoldress, living in Vancouver BC and it was just last year that I first met a cuck and it was him who introduced me to this amazing lifestyle. I honestly think this is what I've always wanted, I...
  12. mywayintermsofsex

    Terms: "Swinging Wife", "Hotwife" and "Slutwife"?

    Request For Discussion (RFD): What do the terms swinging wife, hotwife and slutwife stand for? Do they have same, disjoint, or different - but (potentially) overlapping - meanings? What do you think? Could you please give me your definition or explanation of those adult lifestyle roles? And...