1. Italian woman with her refugee lover from Senegal

    Italian woman with her refugee lover from Senegal

    Italian woman gets fucked on couch by her refugee lover from Senegal
  2. S

    European cuckold

    43 anni singolo nessun bambino looking for a long Term cuckold relation
  3. I will be in Napoli this weekend

    I will be in Napoli this weekend

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  5. I'm in Firenze, Italian girls love big cocks

    I'm in Firenze, Italian girls love big cocks

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  9. ItalianCUCK23c

    Italian 25yo, with 23cm, i want to be a cuck for real

    I want so damn bad a gf that cucks me even if im big. Im good looking, tall, funny and intelligent, but BBC drive me crazy. I have a gf now but after talking to her she is not into that, too much loyal for me, i want a bad one that want to be fucked often by different guy, even if i have a big...
  10. ItalianCUCK23c


    Ciao a Tutti, sono un bel ragazzo di 25 anni, alto 1 93, bellissima presenza, dotato di 23 cm... ma non li voglio usare. Anzi voglio una donna crudele che mi faccia rodere, che si scopi altri uomini mentre la guardo e non, con in premio solo la sua pipì. Annuncio serio, vorrei iniziare una...
  11. ItalianCUCK23c

    italian cuckold looking for hotwife

    Hello ladies, I'm 1,93 mt, 25 years, atlhetic and with a big dick 23cm.... but i dont want to use it. Instead, i want to find u bigger dick, and let me be completely controlled by you. I want to loose my mind for a photo of you fucking a guy instead of me, and i will beg you to lick that cum...
  12. G

    Hi from Italy

    White man, 56 YO, married for some 30 years. My wife isn't interested in other men, so I can be defined as a candaulist ("person who likes to show his wife", topless in beaches... and sexy / nude on the web) and not as a cuckold. I found this forum and i think it's a good source of inspiration...
  13. nice view

    nice view

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    Do I look good?
  15. My big white tits

    My big white tits

    Do you like my boobs? I want a big black cock between them 🖤
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    high heels 4 bbc.jpg

    Anna toy for black men , she waits them naked wearing only high heels
  17. My wife's big ass try BBC

    My wife's big ass try BBC

  18. H

    Beginners Hot Wife Advice

    Hey members! I’ve been creeping the forums for about 2 years now. I am in need of some help please. Wife and I have been married 4 years, together 8 and known each other for 16. I am the 3rd man she has ever been with. First 2 were black guys. Let me preface by saying I am NOT a cuck. Nothing...
  19. What a Man Needs Sometimes

    What a Man Needs Sometimes

  20. Slurp!