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    Hi, this is Markus and Sabine from Germany. We are a couple for several years. Sabine is absolutely into well-built black guys and is longing for a big black cock. So we joined If you like our girlplease do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a way to meet.
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    Patreon interracial seduction games

    There are several interesting seduction/interracial seduction games on patreon. I would like to ask you to vote for Michael (black guy) as a person who is going to seduce Anna here (to influence future direction of the game): Here is another interesting game...
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    The way it should have happened

    My husband John wrote this using my point of view and this is the way he would have wanted me to have my first black cock. This could have very well happened if John had done the things he did in the story. Phyliss We are Phyliss and John, we are both 24 years old and we have a daughter...
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    I travel often. So our sex life dries out at times. But when home we fuck a lot. And the more sex we have, the more my wife seems to need it. This what happened to her on her half-a-year trip to Sweden where she started a torrid affair with a local 20 years her junior. She was telling me that...
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    Me and SecretPlayWife

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    Me and SecretPlayWife

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    What Women do you prefer to have sex with Black men and Why?

    i guess, many in this forum would say "All" Women should have sex with Black men. But ImO women who pre-exclude Black men from having sex with just because they are black do not even deserve to have sex with them. (Likewise, i feel like non-black men who say "Once you go black we won`t take you...
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    IMG_0599 by superdick33 posted Jan 23, 2015 at 3:16 PMI will be in San Antonio this coming weekend on Friday and Saturday if anyone serious about meeting hit me up;) Kik:bigthunder37 say your from b2w Just showing something for my houston ladies by superdick33 posted Apr 3, 2016 at 7:40...
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