1. dblaqbandito

    Trying to understand QOS lifestyle as a Black Man

    I’m having an inner conflict. I grew up in an area where I was subjected to a lot of white woman at an early age. I don’t discriminate or have a particular preference when it comes to race but I do love having sex with white women, I always have a ton of fun with them. I was recently called out...
  2. theprofess

    Los Angeles -SFV Real people Roll Call

    for Real people or for people who can verify themselves quickly. Post your city so locals can contact and connect this should make everything easier for everybody also thinking of getting a space so like-minded people can meet and greet let me know if that idea sounds good to you About me...
  3. jtkirk52


    Any of you lady's in Iowa think you could convince my wife to try this lifestyle? We have discussed this fantasy for a while, we role play and use black toys. However I just don't think she will go for it on her own. Maybe another lady could help get her introduced to it, she is bi so maybe...