hotwife training

  1. T

    She said no

    So my wife had BBC in high school. She dated a tall basketball player, went to prom with him jr and sr year. She says she only sucked his dick at least 4 times (which you know is more than that). He treated her real bad. She like him a lot all through high school but he’d hang out with her, use...
  2. J

    Vacation destinations in the US??

    The wifey (28) and I (28) are looking for a vacation destination in the US. We’re new to this lifestyle and not ready for physical interaction with a bull, but looking for beach destinations with young attractive black males to get her worked up. A good nightlife would be a bonus so she can get...
  3. Old DM

    Old DM

    Missed opportunity.


  5. montage from last couple of years

    montage from last couple of years

    just a few little snips put together from the last couple of years of enjoying having BBC to pleasure the wife
  6. handsomedrkmet

    Queen of Spades or Cuckold training workshops

    What QOS, BBC or cuckold training or development workshops would you like to see offered more often?
  7. E

    Hi everyone, just another bbc slutwife n her sissy

    Hi we are experienced interracial cuckolders, white husband and wife... but new to this site and wonderng kf this is the kinds site where viewers post the honest dorty thoughts viewing pics n vids (we hope so)
  8. C

    I am my ex wife's cuckold bitch still

  9. IronLion1986

    How to get her there

    I've always been a fan of interracial porn. I wouldn't consdier myself a cuckold, however because I am not subservient. Interracial porn has always been visually stimulating to me. I am not a jealous guy and would love to share my wife, but she is very against it and has took offense when I...
  10. Riding a black bull.

    Riding a black bull.

    This is how it should be. #Real Pics
  11. dder

    Verified Bull needs verication

  12. Missus69

    Hello...New to Lifestyle

    Hi, I am new to this Lifestyle, hoping to explore and learn from this community. Maybe we can meet up in the near future. 40th birthday is soon and a sex club is on the list for fun. Any suggestions?
  13. PAWG&CubanDom

    Newbies looking to tag along...

    We want go get our BBC hotwife fantasy rolling, but first maybe a nearby couple can help us along. Friends is fine. More than friends is fine too. Or just good convo here if that's all y'all can swing (pun). Whatever works! We are in Florida but visit west coast often. 29F 32M