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    German hotwife
  2. opinion would you buy me?  How much?  LOL

    opinion would you buy me? How much? LOL

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    Sexy time at the beach
  4. Time to show something

    Time to show something

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    Hot Wife

    Second time
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    Horny asf
  9. Uksexycouple

    Cucks/Men - Do you still get involved?

    When we started this I always used to get involved, DP, Spit Roast etc.. Now, I just watch her get fucked and then fuck her at the end or make sure suck my dick. Just wondering how many men actually get involved? I find it hotter just letting them fuck and watching her get used. It's like if I'm...
  10. Just hanging out censored.jpg

    Just hanging out censored.jpg

    PoF / OKC / & Tinder HATED my pics. But I think you'll LOVE em ;)
  11. A

    Dreads on white wives. Like or ?

    Guys, what do you think of a married white female with dreads, do they show a preference for black guys by wearing their hair in dreads? Is it hot?
  12. My Queen

    My Queen

    Am I built for black guys? ♠️
  13. Sweetcouple

    What do you think about my wife

    I live with my hot muslim wife ... I'm considering if she is built for bbcs or not ? Question for bbcs : if she is with you what would you do for her ?? :sex:
  14. B

    Tall dark and handsome Cincinnati Ohio

    I’m looking for a couple or just a wife to play with I’d love to make a hot wife or single female cum over and over again all night long I’m 6’5, slim athletic build Long thick hung cock I last about an hour on average (but quick recovery lol!) Tall Darkskin and handsome
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  16. O

    Sexual freaks

    How many of you hotwives are true sexual freaks: no limits sexual deviants? :) Tell us about it
  17. A kiss goodnight!

    A kiss goodnight!

    Tell me your opinion about my body. What would you do with it ?
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    Wife's a_
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    The wifes great ass
  20. bigire brownnsexy.jpg

    bigire brownnsexy.jpg