high heels

  1. GB 40-28.GIF

    GB 40-28.GIF

  2. Kutefeet


    New to the site, 50 year old monogamous NYC couple into photo exchange, tribute photos, Skype. Send an email (kutefeet@Hotmail.com) or message here.
  3. Favorite high heel

    Favorite high heel

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    GB 40-23 27.mp4

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    GB 40-22.GIF

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    GB 40-20 21.mp4

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    GB 40-25M.gif

    BBC in my ass and 3 fingers in my pussy, i love it so much…
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    GB 40-23.GIF

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    GB 40-21.GIF

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    GB 40-20.GIF

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    I love to see my wife in these high heels. This shoes give her a touch of a whore.
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  17. My suggestion for the meeting

    My suggestion for the meeting

    I think a lot depends on the outfit, and this is my suggestion for autumn
  18. LisaMarkVegas

    Married fun 58/45

    I love getting photographers and my wife loves to pose for them! He got her these heels and she loved showing them of!!
  19. C

    Over Time is it me or black men seem scared or nervous to talk to a Hotwife when dressed sexy!

    Before it didn’t matter how sexy or what I was wearing, high heels or tennis shoes, black men loved it and would hit on me in a second, never being shy or intimidated by a women or how sexy she looked. Location as well, didn’t matter if it was a store, market, bar, club or Las Vegas! But NOW...
  20. Golden Girl

    Golden Girl

    Sexy Outfit For A Night Out