1. TOO BIG to hide

    TOO BIG to hide

    Feeling very 'horny and heavy' today, checking out some fine women on this site, could not help but pull him out...
  2. Hanging Heavy

    Hanging Heavy

    Back from the gym - Who wants to help out with my very heavy uncut BBC?
  3. SLAP


  4. Wake me up and please me?

    Wake me up and please me?

  5. FDB32629-1A38-4CC2-8F89-091FE97E6CB4.jpeg


    Big heavy black flaccid Cock
  6. King Cock

    King Cock

    This hit different
  7. G


    It's quite a chore being a black man . It's A welcomed burden honestly . However very few know the trials and rigors of being well endowed or blessed. One problem I have specifically is sitting down to do number 2 and I end up in the water. I literally have to rest it ony leg or hold it...